Local Expertise, International Experience


Project Consulting

Kitchenco strives for perfection in delivering best solutions for each project right up to the stage of design.

The accessibility of our highly qualified team facilitates advice and discussion on the recommended direction for every project and latest innovations made available within the kitchen and laundry area. We provide innovative ideas while finding solutions for each client.

Project Design

The focus is always on utilizing the available space and designing the kitchen or the laundry in a way to provide comfort zones for users complying with every safety aspect of the area.

Our team of designers often pays visit to the sites and engage in client meetings to ensure the recording of accurate measurements.


Our multicultural sales team offers customized services to clients to identify their specific needs and equipment requirements. Our team keeps a close eye on the latest industry trends and has equipped itself with tools such as Safety and HACCP to help counsel the clients with latest solutions.

After Sales

The After Sales Department is dedicated to providing maintenance and repair services to all Kitchenco supplied equipment. All equipment supplied by Kitchenco comes with a full 1 Year Warranty. This department consists of highly trained and experienced technicians, skilled with swift solution finding ability.

Kitchenco holds large amount of spare parts in stock to enable rapid corrective action against unforeseen errors while not affecting the operations of our clients. We provide extended maintenance contracts to our customers to ensure that preventive equipment maintenance is carried out by the specialists.


Kitchenco has the largest commercial foodservice equipment showroom in Qatar that displays various kitchen & laundry equipment that provides our clients with a platform to facilitate review before making a buying decision.

Our showroom displays the latest collection that ranges from heavy cooking equipment to small utensils, thereby making it easy for buyers to make immediate purchases for accessible items. Located in the commercial district of Doha, our showroom guarantees easy access.

Delivery & Installation

The delivery & Installation division ensures efficient delivery from warehouse to destined premises.

All delivery and installation works are carried out in accordance with safety measures that are strictly imposed and monitored.

With competent technical knowledge, our team members ensure smooth positioning and installation of equipments as per agreements laid out in approved layouts. In addition to these, we also provide full commissioning of all systems which includes certification.